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[audio]Dada Dyke - Dada Dyke Cries Rainbow Tears From Hell [LLR53] - Joshua & Julia
This music will be contained no more! It's free.These sound poems will enter your brain. They will enter your brain and make your gray matter matter again. Josh - Vocals & Lyrics Julia - Guitar & Percussion instruments
Keywords: lucha libre recordings; dada dyke; tape music; indie; art rock
Downloads: 136
[audio]GhostHandPunch - Wake Up [LLR048] - GhostHandPunch
GhostHandPunch. Awake vs. Asleep. Get lost in between.
Keywords: pop; pop-punk; indie rock; bedroom rock
Downloads: 192
[audio]GhostHandPunch - The Wheel EP [LLR052] - GhostHandPunch
They may well crush us. Ooh! GHP can ask big questions. Lots of what if's and who-du-thunks on this one. Man... I think I'm getting dizzy.
Keywords: pop; pop-punk; indie rock; bedroom rock
Downloads: 198
[audio]OKFox - Behind Old Cartridge Shop [LLR051]
Behind Old Cartridge Shop is the follow-up release to 99 Wings. 77 Outtakes and remixes by OKFox, Lava-proof Boots, Kendall Station, Jack Afri, Console Enemy, Ashbrg, Mantenna, and United Dust.
Keywords: video game; nintendo; electronic music
Downloads: 323
[audio]The Blue Fairy Godmothers - Salt Feet [LLR050] - The Blue Fairy Godmothers
This album is dedicated to our band mate, our brother, our friend Matthew Snare.
Keywords: Matt Snare; Bill Delaney; Gavin Rehder; John Berdahl; The Blue Fairy Godmothers; tribute
Downloads: 165
[audio]Console Enemy - Hexagon Soccer [LLR049] - Jeff Zens
Like any good nemesis your Console Enemy has returned. Are you gonna tuck your mini headphone jack between your legs and run, or are you gonna stay and play the stereo field?
Keywords: gameboy; chiptune; jungle; breakcore; drum and bass
Downloads: 131

Downloads: 120
[audio]2 Player Guess What - Self Titled [LLR047] - Adam Mickelson/Andrew Johnson
It continues to pour out, the seeping gridlocked melodic infection. Surpassing madness. Becoming expression of the soul between two soulless men. Contradictory opposites have paradoxically attracted you, and now you can continue to listen.
Keywords: electronic music; video game music; drum and bass
Downloads: 143
[audio]The Math-amphetamines - Fuzzy Logic [LLR043A] - John Berdahl, Andrew Johnson
The collaboration between John and Andrew continues in this collection of arithmetical, computative, numerically inspired songs in Fuzzy Logic. Subjects ranging from the study of love's equation, loneliness, gleeful self destruction and abduction are covered. There's nothing these two won't abstract and ponder. The gravity of inanity is balanced quite well.
Keywords: Pop; Pop Experimental; Indie-Pop
Downloads: 168
[audio]The Blue Fairy Godmothers - Kiss Test [LLR044] - John Berdahl, Gavin Rehder, Bill Delaney, Matt Snare, The Blue Fairy Godmothers
The Godmothers took on one last album before disbanding to focus on solo work. Within this album are songs about robots, sexy sandwiches and even a cover a label-mate's "bile-filled synthetic doo-wap" ditty. You think you can pass the kiss test?
Keywords: Rock & Roll; Pop Punk; indie-pop; John Berdahl; Bill Delaney; Gavin Rehder; The Blue Fairy Godmothers
Downloads: 184
[audio]John Berdahl - She Can Do This With Her Tongue [LLR046] - John Berdahl
The first solo album by John Berdahl. All him, all recorded in a bedroom with a lot of love.
Keywords: john berdahl; lucha libre recordings; indie; electronic; pop
Downloads: 144
[audio]GhostHandPunch - Live And Smiling [LLR042]
Live documents of the bright teeth of Ghosthandpunch.
Keywords: Pop; pop punk
Downloads: 391
[audio]GhostHandPunch - That Spectral Dance [LLR041] - GhostHandPunch
Songs about death and dying and the afterlife, or songs about love and sex and relationships? Maybe both? Epic tales of terror follow.
Keywords: pop; pop-punk; indie rock; bedroom rock
Downloads: 8,317
[audio]OKFox - 99 Wings [LLR039] - Jesse Andersen
I know you were waiting so patiently after "Collect Parts To Build New Ships", but did you imagine a payoff of this scope? 99 songs of tiny places and things to do; songs to make you crash your bike into an ice cream factory, songs to make you build a hovercar, songs to make you power up and explode.
Keywords: video game; nintendo; electronic music
Downloads: 4,873
[audio]Beow - (...) [LLR036] - Beow
In a room without windows or furniture, Beow sits on the floor with a Casio PT82, a set of screwdrivers, a soldering iron, switches, potentiometers and a handful of dust bunnies. Sounds are collected, stacked into piles and covered with dust and ashes. The smell of melting plastic is the only sustenance he takes. After a time a man stands outside and Beow slides the sounds under the door, trying not to scuff them too badly...
Keywords: casio; circuit bending; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 1,073
[audio]Console Enemy - The Worst Album Title Ever [LLR035] - Jeff Zens
All the good elements of jungle, processed through video game consoles and chopped, stretched and mangled. Not really breakcore and not really chiptunes but a savage and unrelenting mix of all the beats that can be pushed out of the square/triangle/wav/noise channels of whatever system you can use to play Mr. Do. Featuring a live and noisy set by Console Enemy and Toff the Tech recorded live on December 15th, 2006 at the Nestor in Fargo ND.
Keywords: gameboy; chiptune; jungle; breakcore; drum and bass
Downloads: 1,322
[audio]Magnetic Jihad Remix Terror Crew - Ohm Faargo Ode: FM Seen CD #1 Remixes [LLR034] - Magnetic Jihad Remix Terror Crew
These remixes were done in response to a the first issue of a new Fargo/Moorhead msic magazine called FM Seen, and some of the problems that the Magnetic Jihad Remix Terror Crew perceived with it. Below is a copy of the text included with the original release of the cd: "Thoughts on FM Seen Magazine; I appreciate the effort put into publishing FM Seen, however, I would like to offer a bit of criticism and direction for your consideration...
Keywords: cut-up; noise; IDM; collage; doom
Downloads: 32,280 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]OKFox - Collect Parts to Build New Ships [LLR032] - Jesse Andersen
If only all electronic music was this good and fun to listen to.
Downloads: 10,102
[audio]Antiarctica - MELT MELT STARVE KILL [LLR031] - Jeff Zens
The sound of the magnetic poles shifting, a billion cars starting in unison and ice turning into water, collected and interpreted in 8bit sound. You are Antiarctica.
Keywords: video game; noise; lo-fi
Downloads: 694
[audio]Dogme 95 - Box Set [LLR029] - Nick Wright (Let yourself be influenced) ASCAP
A unique look into the development of one of the more interesting independent musicians of recent memory. Box Set is a collection of Dogme 95's early musical experiments and demos, recorded from 2003 to 2006. Most of this collection was recorded in Dallas TX, some was recorded in Chicago IL. Contains four different covers (and back cover) by Stephen Gose;
Keywords: indie; folk; lo-fi; casio; sample collage
Downloads: 4,248
[audio]The Blue Fairy Godmothers - Keep On Keepin' On [LLR028] - The Blue Fairy Godmothers
This EP is a document of the course of a single song, following two arcs: its evolution over time from the beginnings of the band itself to the present; and its convolution at the hands of remixers. But it's not as serious as it sounds.
Keywords: pop music; remix; electronic music; noise
Downloads: 4,677
[audio]2 Player Guess What - More Songs About Animals, Bugs and Vans [LLR027] - Adam Mickelson/Andrew Johnson
This album is the result of the shared madness that infected two young men as they entered numbers into a grid. The more numbers they entered, the further the madness seeped into the folds of their brains. Coffee did nothing to help. Watching cartoons did even less. Pack after pack of cigarettes was consumed, to no avail. The music would not be stopped.
Keywords: electronic music; video game music; drum and bass
Downloads: 23,578
[audio]USMilk - USMilk [LLR026] - Jesse Andersen
The lonely, driven sounds of a small girl and her efforts to convince a giant, teething dumpster that it shouldn't eat people in a post-apocalyptic moon colony.
Keywords: electronic music; ambient; IDM
Downloads: 6,226
[audio]Lava-Proof Boots - Youthtronics [LLR025] - Andrew Johnson
Youthtronics was made by a robot who wishes it was still 1996. Oh to be sixteen again. Video game-style circular melodies fight against cut-up beats and children's toys.
Keywords: electronic; video game music; drill and bass
Downloads: 3,074
[audio]World Map Programmer - Let's Make a Map [LLR024] - Jesse Andersen
Building a world, one pixel at a time, World Map Programmer makes a landscape for intrepid explorers. Beyond the side-scrolling horizon and into the buildings with no doors.
Keywords: electronic music; ambient; IDM; video game music
Downloads: 16,358 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Manchester Bulge - Live at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor, 25 April 2006 [LLR023] - Manchester Bulge
Live recording from a performance at the Red Raven in Fargo. Lineup on this recording is Edwin Perry Manchester (Metal Object Number Four), Enid Boring (Mini-Korg, Casio SK-1) and Adam Mickelson (Feedback, Marantz Tape Recorder). Recorded straight from the mixer to minidisc.
Downloads: 318
[audio]The Plum and the Messenger - The Plum and the Messenger [LLR022] - Robin Mikka
Distant drone and immediate noise.
Keywords: drone; ambient; noise
Downloads: 428
[audio]United Dust - Sky Diary [LLR021] - United Dust
This album was discovered by scientists at the bottom of a crater near Manuas, Brazil. Based on the pattern of scattered debris surrounding it, it seems as though it was launched from somewhere in the Northern United States. Some scientists speculate that it may have been trying to achieve orbit, and as yet are unable to fathom the possible implications of such an action.
Keywords: electronic music
Downloads: 5,880
[audio]Magnetic Jihad - Bluebeard [LLR019] - Magnetic Jihad
"Two-Thousand Dollar Tuesday" is like going back to the house where you grew up after thirty years, finding it has been torn down and digging throught the rubble to discover broken, dusty bits of your memories. "Bluebeard" is like going back to the house where you grew up after thirty years and finding it haunted with the ghost of your abusive father who isn't very happy with seeing you again. A single, hopefully the precursor to an album.
Keywords: noise; abstract; experimental
Downloads: 771 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]D-503 - D-503 (Reissue) [LLR018] - Andrew Johnson
Abstract experimental noise, originally released in 2000. From a review by Phil Kretschman (of the Eggshell and Four Dead label): "d503 work(s) somewhere in between electronic glitchcore, floating ambient, and flat out noise. the majority of the sounds seem to be either computer-generated or -effected, but unlike most others hunched over their pc's, you can sense a definite human interaction going on here."
Keywords: Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 258
[audio]Console Enemy - Virtual Friend [LLR017] - Jeff Zens
This is the score to the nightmares of people who still have callouses on their thumbs from NES controllers. Chopped beats bludgeon fuzzy square wave drones, turning them into melodies before completely disintegrating them. Feedback squeals weave and seperate into beats, arrange into notes, twist and disappear into static. Music for distorting your happy childhood memories.
Keywords: Game Boy; Broken Beats; Cheap Electronics; Experimental; Electronic lo-fi
Downloads: 2,692 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Warmmilk - Songs to Listen to Once [LLR015] - Paul Kvamme
Warmmilk makes music because he wants to. Not for fame or money, but just because it has to get out somehow. So listen to these songs once, then take some time to reflect. Put on your pajamas, eat some cereal and go to bed. Maybe listen to them again, it's up to you.
Keywords: Lo-Fi; indie-folk; Weirdo; indie electronic
Downloads: 4,309
[audio]USMilk - Onepop [LLR014] - Jesse Andersen
Is it music, noise, crap, or a conglomoration of everything? Its definitely atmospheric, electronic, partially melodic, partially noise - all for those who enjoy the small things in life glued together in a randomly simulated instrumental form. This is music that might never exist if I didn't make it. USMilk is not to be confused with the everyday milk of the lactose pursuasion.
Keywords: Minimalism; Noise; Experimental; Ambient
Downloads: 5,647 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Math-amphetamines - 1 + 1 [LLR013] - John Berdahl, Andrew Johnson
This is what happens when you lock John (of the Blue Fairy Godmothers) and Andrew (of Lava-Proof Boots) in a room with a bunch of keyboards and a computer for a month: an album with a bile-filled synthetic doo-wap song, noisy keyboard punk and plaintive ballads set in outer space. "What this song needs is more pitch shifting!" A document of what happens when people loose control of talent and technology.
Keywords: Pop; Pop Experimental; Indie-Pop
Downloads: 2,828 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Edwin Perry Manchester/USMilk - Speedboat [LLR012] - Andrew Johnson/Jesse Andersen
Fargo's USMilk one day deigned to grace the Manchester Studio with his sparkling presence and shiny boxes, and about an hour of improvisational noise was produced. After sitting on it for two years, losing it, finding it again and doing a bit of post-production work, it has finally seen the light of day.
Keywords: Noise
Downloads: 445
[audio]The Blue Fairy Godmothers - Live on Radio Free Fargo [LLR011] - John Berdahl, Gavin Rehder, Bill Delaney, Matt Snare
The Blue Fairy Godmothers make music for the masses; pop songs about being naked, the futility of life and the complexities of relationships. If you don't pay too close of attention to the lyrics you'll probably think they're just a fun band to listen to, but I promise, this is pop music for thinking. Recorded live at Radio Free Fargo June 22nd, 2005. Telephone Line written by Jeff Lynn
Keywords: Rock & Roll; Pop Punk; indie-pop
Downloads: 2,644
[audio]D-503/Andy Kisaragi - Live Improv February 2001 [LLR010] - Andrew Johnson/Andrew McGowan
In the cold month of February, in the year 2001, Andy Kisaragi ventured across the ocean from Sheffield to make a trip across the States. On one of his stops he and D-503 picked up some gear, twisted some knobs and recorded a couple hours of improvisation. Later on, D-503 went back and edited out the best bits, which is what you see before you now.
Keywords: Improvisation; Noise; Drone
Downloads: 366
[audio]D-503/Anaphylaxis - Split (Reissue) [LLR009] - Andrew Johnson/Jason Coffman
Reissue of a split release from D-503 and Anaphylaxis, in which both artists used skipping CDs as their main sound sources, to very different effects. D-503's half is mostly atmospheric with a touch of musical structure and progression, while Anaphylaxis' side takes a noisier direction for the most part, making his brief atmospheric turns that much more poignant.
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Noise; Experimental; Ambient; Digital Errors
Downloads: 1,269
[audio]D-503 - Pop Tunes? (Reissue) [LLR008] - Andrew Johnson
Reissue of one of D-503's more critically regarded albums, plus bonus remixes and alternate versions. Review of the original release by Phil Legard, a.k.a. Xenis Emputae: The sound of an unknown instrument (somewhere between a clarinet and a violin) being tuned in a humid basement might describe the sound of the opening track of Pop Tunes. Entitled "Salamander" it's a cool, atmospheric track full of grace that captures the movements of the semi mythical lizard as it crawls around the speakers...
Keywords: Experimental; Ambient; Minimal; Digital Errors
Downloads: 3,545
[audio]V/A - Tube Testing (Reissue) [LLR007]
A collection of remixes of the various versions of D-503's track "Vacuum Tube". Originally compiled and released in 2001. Tracks range from very harsh noise (Phroq, DIER) to atmospheric (Brutum Fulmen, Anaphylaxis, D-503) and electronic music (Nasakenai Douji, Orators).
Keywords: Downtempo, IDM; Harsh Noise; Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 4,197
[audio]D-503 - Scripting Thoughts (Reissue) [LLR006] - Andrew Johnson
The first in Lucha Libre's series of reissues, starting with D-503's last release before abandoning the moniker. Scripting Thoughts is two longish tracks of mostly atmospheric noise, with a brief harsh noise interruption.
Keywords: Noise; Experimental; Ambient; Atmosphere
Downloads: 239
[audio]Manchester Bulge - The Clarity of a Signal [LLR005] - Manchester Bulge
A collection of live recordings of Fargo noise group Manchester Bulge, spanning three years and documenting the transition from their beginning as a harsh noise trio to a more experimental group incorporating more musical elements.
Downloads: 759
[audio]Dependable Skeleton - Making Math Not Music [LLR004] - Dependable Skeleton
Electronic music shaped by a love of cut-up beats, video games and caffeine. Dependable Skeleton is best described as a bedroom musician, although occasionally he does leave the confines of his room to gather field recordings or rent terrible movies. Inspired by the music of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, ยต-Ziq, Venetian Snares, Mega Man 2, Bomberman 2 and the Goblins.
Keywords: IDM; Breakbeat; Drill and Bass
Downloads: 1,803
[audio]V/A - 21 Beaches in Idaho [LLR003]
A compilation of short songs by people in the Fargo ND/Moorhead MN area. Electronic music, noise, goofy folk, rock, anything and everything. A documentation of local weirdos making songs.
Keywords: Downtempo, IDM; Experimental; Folk; Noise; Circuit Bending; Brokenbeat; Breakbeat; Electroacoustic; Rock
Downloads: 1,408
[audio]Edwin Perry Manchester - Impaired [LLR002] - Edwin Perry Manchester
Harsh and atmospheric noise inspired by a recording of a woman giving a lecture regarding her adopted crippled children. A solo venture by one of the founding members of Fargo ND noise group Manchester Bulge.
Keywords: Noise; Experimental; experimental electronics
Downloads: 496
[audio]Dwyer - Dwyer [LLR001] - Brady Daley/Andrew Johnson
Minimal/atmospheric noise made with telephone bells, tuned percussion and modified field recordings. Inspired by their mostly shared childhood, Brady Daley and Andrew Johnson attempt to create sounds reflecting the darkness [real or perceived] of being children in a small midwestern town. All recordings are processed and edited improvisations, except track 9, which was left raw.
Keywords: Noise; Experimental; Ambient; Minimal
Downloads: 649
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